Whatsapp Server Down On New Year 2018 | News | Today | India

Whatsapp Server Down On New Year 2018 | News | Today | India

While busy writing New Year’s resolutions and celebrating the end of another year, WhatsApp suffered a massive global disruption. At midnight, the popular messaging application stopped working for many people around the world. Many people, including people in India, could not send New Year’s wishes to friends and family, causing great confusion and chaos. The application stopped working for about an hour, about 12 o’clock. at 1 am (India time), however, the services were restored and WhatsApp works fine. Whatsapp Server Down On New Year 2018 why this happen? new year day many people are using whatsapp that is problem makes and new update are coming now. whatsapp down on new year .

Whatsapp Server Down On New Year 2018
whatsapp down on new year

India is one of the key markets for WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook, as the application is used by millions, and the number is increasing. The reason for the interruption may have been the intensive use of the application to send New Year’s greetings to family and friends. The users were able to send messages, but they were not sent to the recipient because they had a single gray tinge and no blue tint, although the internet connection of both the sender and the recipient worked well. Whatsapp Groups Join Now

Soon thereafter, users who were obviously angry because they could not send New Year’s greetings to their friends, joined Twitter on Twitter to talk about the WhatsApp server 2018. Some users also received notifications such as: “Our service is currently experiencing a problem, we are working on it and we hope to restore it soon, sorry for the inconvenience.” Soon, hashags like #WhatsAppisdown, #WhatsAppstoppedworking started to develop on Twitter, and users started posting angry states and funny memes.

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WhatsApp was made by millions of users around the world who, among New Year fanatics, forged panic, as well as plans, and wished his friends a successful year in 2018.

The website DownDetector.co.uk reports a look at the interruption reports at 6 pm. But at 7.30 pm Users report that they can receive and send messages.

Users in the United Kingdom and in countries such as Barbados, India, Japan, Panama, South Africa, Spain and Qatar, can not connect to the application.

One user wrote, “Messages do not work, I can not see when people were online, that’s my lifeline for my plans for the New Year, I have to go to old school and send text messages and people.”

A WhatsApp spokeswoman confirmed Mirror Online, with the service restored, but the company did not explain. Whatsapp Server Down On New Year 2018 .


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